The Mongolian Tea and Coffee House is a specialist coffee and tea vendor for festivals, events and gatherings

The Mongolian Tea and Coffee House offers a unique experience unlike any other coffee vendor. We provide much more than just Organic coffee, fine teas, select drinks and baked goods. The octagonal vending booth with circular roof compliments our lavish 25ft hospitality yurt, fully furnished with Persian rugs, large floor cushions, and low tables. Moroccan lanterns and subtle lighting sets the atmosphere for a truly unique experience.

While providing an alluring eastern gathering space, the Mongolian Tea and Coffee House yurt quickly becomes the social buzz at any festival or event. The yurt’s four horseshoe shaped doors, “Art Nouveau” style roof poles and huge central roof ring gives an almost Lord of the Rings feel and provides an inviting atmosphere for guests to relax and enjoy their drinks and snacks. Not only does the yurt provide shade from the sun’s and rain, but it often become the go-to venue to hang out and where impromptu music jam sessions always start.

From music festivals to corporate events and weddings, the Mongolian Tea and Coffee House is extremely versatile. Furnishings can be tailored suit the space and comfort requirements for any desired atmosphere.

Along with the ethnic Persian rugs, floor cushions, low tables and Moroccan lamps, the yurt can also be furnished with high tables and bar stools or even deep seat patio furniture which sets the tone for more formal outdoor events.
The 25ft yurt can be rented “stand alone” without the tea and coffee vending booth as purely an event space. Smaller 12ft yurts can be added to one or more of the horseshoe shaped doors as “satellites” to the main yurt for extra space and can be furnished in similar fashion.

If you are an event organizer looking for a truly special and unique addition to your event, please don’t hesitate to call 541-410-1630 or send us an email. We can provide the Mongolian Tea & Coffee House plus many other yurts and tepees of different sizes for use as classrooms, workshops, display spaces, medical tents, back stage entertaining and VIP Accommodation.